Our projects

CarbonCancel allows you to go carbon neutral by offsetting 150% of your carbon footprint. Together, we support Gold Standard and UNFCCC-certified projects, which nurture society as well as our planet. Through your membership, you contribute to climate innovation, societal resilience and a carbon neutral world!


We capture carbon or replace polluting energy sources with sustainable alternatives.


We ensure that every project creates new possibilities for both people and society.

Renewable Energy

Together we work towards innovative methods to generate and use sustainable sources of energy.  

A peak into our portfolio

Healthy Ecosystems

Planting trees in degraded land areas in India to improve soil quality

Many pieces of land belonging to smallholder farms in India have poor soil quality. Without external financial and technical support, they cannot plant trees to improve the quality of their land. With this project, CarbonCancel aims to reforest their plots as part of the Farm Forestry Scheme. The project covers 14.969 hectares of land, belonging to 12.002 farmers spread over 7 districts and 2 Indian states.

Click here for more information on this project, provided by the UN.

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Renewable Energy Sources

Creating 400MW of Solar Energy in Bhadla, Rajasthan

CarbonCancel supports the energy transition in rapidly developing countries. The aim of this project in India is to generate electricity using solar energy and to sell the generated electricity to the public grid. This will replace thermal energy generation, which emits an estimated 779,933 tons of CO2e per year. Every year, 832,550 MWh of electricity will be displaced from the generation mix of existing power plants, which mainly depend on fossil fuels.

You can find more information about this project on the Gold Standard website


Building hydroelectric energy in Chile

This Chilean river runs through the Chachapoal Valley. CarbonCancel contributes to the creation of a 111MW hydro-electricity power plant in the valley. Producing and storing energy from the river instead of fossil fuels significantly reduces CO2 emissions and will play an important role in the sustainable development of the entire Chacayes region.

Click here for more information on this project, provided by the UN.

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Previously supported projects

Cecik KHK Danjinghe India wind farm project carbon offset klimaatneutraal carbon cancel koolstof voetafdruk compenseren klimaat klimaatneutraal

Renewable Energy Sources

Pioneering wind energy in Danjinghe, China

CarbonCancel supports the sustainable energy transition in fast-developing countries. This project is located in Changbei County, Hebei Province of China. The wind farm will build windmills that supply between 750kW-1500kW of sustainable energy to the electricity grid. All energy that is not produced via the wind turbines comes from power plants. 

Click here for more information on this project, provided by the UN.

We only invest in the best projects

UNFCCC / Gold Standard certification

All our projects are certified to the highest standards. We only support projects that combine carbon reduction with other Sustainable Development Goals, strengthening local communities. All our projects are strictly monitored under the two most widely accepted frameworks for carbon offsetting: the Gold Standard and the Certified Emissions Reduction certificate of the United Nations.