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With CarbonCancel you can easily increase the awareness of your carbon footprint and offset it entirely within a few clicks.

We offer people insight into their emissions through our CarbonCalculator – an algorithm that helps you measure the climate consequences of your behaviour. Once you have a better understanding of your emissions, you're ready to make a change! Based on your results we will give you tips on how to reduce your emissions as effectively as possible.

If you're unable to immediately reduce all your emissions, you can choose to offset your entire footprint through our United Nations certified project portfolio. This way, you'll live a carbon neutral life for less than it costs to buy a Netflix subscription!

Carbon offsetting means that you reduce or take away emissions elsewhere in order to compensate for your emissions. The easiest example is planting a tree for a certain number of years but there are also more time efficient ways to offset your emissions. For example, we also invest in the development of renewable energy or exchanging polluting cooking stoves with more sustainable alternatives. First we calculate your emissions based on your lifestyle (your home, consumption patterns and transport). Consequently, you can become a member of CarbonCancel and fully offset your entire footprint through the projects we invest in. For every project, we carefully examine the exact emissions it will prevent or reduce. We measure this in CO2 equivalents (CO2e), so that all greenhouse gasses (including for instance methane and nitrous oxide) are taken into account. Furthermore, each of our projects holds the UN Clean Development Mechanism This means that you're supporting the local society as well as the planet! Calculate your own emissions now using our CarbonCalculator, and find out how you can live a carbon neutral life!

Depending on your CO2e emissions, you'll find yourself in one of our 5 carbon offsetting brackets after completing the CarbonCalculator The options that we offer will ask between 5 and 17 euros per month to completely offset your carbon footprint.

We invest by far the largest part of this into our project portfolio.That way, you'll support UN-certified carbon offsetting projects that also boost the local society. Next to that, we use a small part of your contribution to cover our operational costs and to reach as many people as possible. Everything goes towards our vision: a climate neutral world.

We do not pay out profits: everything is used for carbon offsetting and growth. Because we are still a small start-up, we also don't pay salaries this year.

Our CarbonCalculator estimates your emissions by connecting data about your lifestyle to its CO2 emissions.

By far the largest amounts of emissions come from your dwelling, consumption patterns and your transport. After just a few questions on these topics, we have enough information to estimate your carbon footprint. 

The CarbonCalculator uses data from different source to come to a footprint that is as accurate as possible. Our calculations are always based on scientific data and averages. We always use the most recent sources we can find.  

That's how you cancel all your carbon !

With a monthly subscription, you are sure you live a carbon neutral life.

To start with, we cancel over 150% of your carbon emissions using our portfolio of certified projects. Our projects are carefully monitored by the United Nations to ensure that they actually offset your exact number tonnes of CO2e. Furthermore, the projects do not only compensate the greenhouse gases, but also have social benefits. For example, you help families in developing nations live a healthier life as well as increase energy efficiency, by providing electrical stoves instead of charcoal.

Next, you'll receive access to your own CarbonCancel members portal, with more information about your emissions and the CarbonCancel projects you're supporting.
A few times per year, we'll email you about the latest CarbonCancel developments, the progress of your projects and some tips to further reduce your footprint!

To effectively tackle the climate crisis, the best solution is to emit as little greenhouse gas as possible. Like you, we believe this will result from drastic changes in our society. That is why we give you tips to reduce your emissions. As an organisation, we are also committed to leveraging systemic change in our society.

Unfortunately there are often several aspects in your life that are not easy to change. For a large part your emissions depend on the type of house you live in. Not everyone is able to afford sustainable renovations. It can therefore be difficult to neutralize this part of your emissions.

If there are a few aspects that you are unable to reduce directly, then carbon offsetting is the best alternative to ensure that your net CO2e emissions will be zero. 

Without a footprint, you're ready for your next step to save the planet!

No. In the fight against climate change, every effort matters. Carbon offsets are one of the most effective ways to improve your personal climate impact. ÉN Our aim is to change our behaviour AND to offset what we cannot reduce. ÉN te compenseren wat we niet meteen kunnen reduceren.

Als inwoners van een ontwikkeld land hebben we alleen door ons huis al een grote klimaatimpact. Om hier verandering in te brengen, moeten we zowel ons gedrag veranderen, als investeren in een betere toekomst. Koolstofcompensatie gaat dus om het nemen van je verantwoordelijkheid, als onderdeel van bredere individuele en collectieve inspanningen om de planeet te redden!

Together we take the first step without a footprint.

Yes. In this form, we believe CarbonCancel can make the largest difference in fighting climate change. 

We keren geen winsten uit, en herinvesteren alle opbrengsten om onze visie van een klimaatneutrale wereld te bereiken. Dit betekent dat we een klein gedeelte van de opbrengsten gebruiken om bijvoorbeeld deze mooie website draaiende te houden en te verbeteren, en om zo veel mogelijk mensen te bereiken.

We want CarbonCancel to grow, so that eventually we can all live a carbon neutral life!

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We measure your emissions through CO2 equivalents. With this unit of measurement we also take into account other greenhouse gases like methane, nitrous oxide and ozone. Because we emit a large amount of CO2e, using 'tonnes' as measurement unit is the most logical.

You can roughly compare 1 ton of CO2e to:

- Driving 6000 kilometers in a diesel car

- Breathing for 1,5 years

- 5 return flights from Amsterdam to London

With about 5 tonnes of CO2e, you can fill an entire hot air balloon!

In order to offset 1 ton of CO2, you have to:

- Let 50 trees grow for 1 year

- Let one 2.3MW windmill turn for 2.5 hours

Luckily we have made this very easy! All you have to do is fill out our carbon calculator. Are you ready to take your first step without a footprint?

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